How to deal with Anger

.deal with anger

 By Swami Chaitanya Keerti

One really doesn’t have to be a scientist or a researcher to know the effects of anger on one’s health. One only has to be sensitive. The being of an angry person starts transmitting vibrations of anger and violence around him. Just standing close to such a person may make you feel nauseated. His very presence in the proximity can be uncomfortable. On the other hand, when you stand close to someone who meditates, you will feel uplifted; a feeling of comfort surrounds you.

If hate arises for someone or against someone, or love arises for someone, what do we do? …

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About Divine Light

A closer look at any activity will reveal the truth that one's own contribution to it is negligible compared to the things provided by nature and the role of the unseen hand in facilitating it.
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