Yugal Geet with Detailed Description

Sri Krishna

{Excepts from Sri Vallabhacharya’s Subodini & address delivered by Rushivar & Krishna Premi}

Yugal Geet –  is sung in continuation of Maharaas, divine experience of Gopis. Yugal means more than one.  Yugal is also joining.  Gopis mind is joined with Him, even in His absence.  This union of our Lord with the minds of the Gopis, bring out their true glory. They all sing & think about His leelas even in His absence. He is dear because He is dearness itself.

Lord Krishna is ‘Bhagavan’, for He is complete in all six qualities:  Aiswarya (wealth), Soundarya (beauty), Jnana (knowledge), Veerya (strength), Yash (Fame) &  Viragya (detachment).   These qualities of His, is not limited by time  (like the rest of people) or place (sarva desa & sarva kala).   This is the Bhagavan Krishna who would sing, laugh & dance,  that Gopi’s are after.

When bhakti dawns in the heart, it’s like a sea where all the rivers will automatically come & join – same way the rest of the virtues will automatically dawn there.  This supreme love is attained by uninterrupted & constant worship of God.  Then we shall gradually go higher & higher & ultimately reach Him. Gopis are Guru of all Vaishavas, jnani, yogi & devotees (bhaktas).  Make Gopi’s your Guru to attain Him.


shri-shuka uvacha:

gopyah krishne vanam yate tam anudruta-chetasah |

krishna-lilah pragayantya: nintya: duhkhena vasaran || 1 ||

When Krishna went away to the forest, the Gopis….


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