3 Easy Tips for Peace of Mind

By Mallika Chopra

Life can be a barrage of constant stimulation. There is work, family, friends, email, text messages, tweets, dinner, traffic, sports… But serenity should not be a distant dream. We strive for (or maybe struggle for) balance against constant stimulation. But a mind that does not know stillness knows stress, and stress knows real consequences to our health.

3 Easy Tips for Peace of Mind

Undoubtedly, finding an overall sense of peace and well-being is about choosing a lifestyle that is balanced and healthy over the long run. Here are some tips that can help you find that sense of serenity in your life…..


About Divine Light

A closer look at any activity will reveal the truth that one's own contribution to it is negligible compared to the things provided by nature and the role of the unseen hand in facilitating it.
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2 Responses to 3 Easy Tips for Peace of Mind

  1. aman says:


    I really appreciate your thought ! one of the more eye-opening findings was that achieving peace of mind was seven times more important to respondents then accumulating wealth .

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