Bhagavad Gita in a Nutshell

By Prof Prema Pandurang

(This is the full text of the address delivered by Prof. Prema Pandurang. She is the founder President of Samskriti (Home of Culture) and Kshetropasna Charitable Trust and the Founder Trustee of Shree Chakra Foundation.)

 Gita in a nutshell, namaskar to the soul, who has found time to listen to  Gita in a nutshell.  Who said Gita is difficult to read and understand, who said how to find time  to read the Gita, here is a simple way to be close to this great work, divine work, enthralling book, enthusing book, energizing book, enlightening book. Oh its not a  book, its the song divine book sung by the Lord Krishna Himself that enchanting….



About Divine Light

A closer look at any activity will reveal the truth that one's own contribution to it is negligible compared to the things provided by nature and the role of the unseen hand in facilitating it.
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