Meditation is Freedom to Act

Meditation as a Art of Living

By Swami Chaitanya Keerti

Meditation as a Art of Living

For the man of understanding, meditation is a lifestyle. It is the way of living or one can call it, the art of living.  Or if you are  of a scientific temperament, you can call it the science of living.

People complain about not having enough time to meditate.  Meditation is like breathing, you don’t need any separate time to breathe,  otherwise,  if you forget to breathe, you cease to exist. You know that breathing is going on without being aware of it.  This happens on a wider scale too.  The river of our life keeps on flowing in all such small & big activities….


About Divine Light

A closer look at any activity will reveal the truth that one's own contribution to it is negligible compared to the things provided by nature and the role of the unseen hand in facilitating it.
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