Mukunda Mala with Meaning

Mukunda Mala 

By Kulashekara Alwar

Translated by V. Sadagopan

Mukunda can be Translated as The Giver of Liberation Or Salvation.  Mukunda Mala – is A Garland For Mukunda.  The Two Words “muktim Dadaati ” have United to Form  The Single  Word “mukundah”  It is The 518th Name of Sri Vishnu Sahasra Naamam. Sri Parasara Bhattar has Commented That Mukunda is The One, Who bestows The Boon of  Salvation, When The Devotees Pray to Him with Supreme and Single-minded Devotion.

The other Intrepretation of the Mukunda Naamam is that He Blesses Each Appropriately According to Their Karmas.  The Akshara  Mu Stands For Mukthi (liberation)  and Ku Stands For Bhoomi ( Material Comforts). Since The Lord Who Gives(dadahti )  Both Mu and Ku, He Gains The Name Mukunda.

The Tribute is Paid At The Very beginning to The Composer, King Kulashekara, A Great Devotee .  That Celebrated Devotion of Kulasekhara For Sri Ranganatha (Lord Narayana) is The Theme of The Tribute.



The  Devotee  Expressed his Intense  Longing to Enjoy Fully  The beauty of Sri Ranganatha (Bhagavan Narayana)  In his Composition on Srirangam. The Author Salutes  The Composer King Kulashekara, In Whose Kingdom Was The Echo of The Joyous Shouts of  “Sriranga Yatraa” (longing to be with The Lord) Reverberated  Every Day at All Nooks  and Corners  of That City.

This Great Work is A Celebration of Bhagavan Nama , A Sincere Prayer For Unceasing Remembrance of The Lord At All Times and Places.

Regarding The Celebration of The Names (naamaas) of The Lord, Vishnu Sahasra Naama Points Us The Secret behind The Names of The Lord. It Says “yasya Naamaani Gownaani “. It Reveals That His Names Are Gunas and His Divya Swaroopa.

The Lord , Who is The Abode of Infinite  Attributes has Therefore Infinite Namas. By Celebrating These Names, One Grows In One’s Bhakti.  That is The Greatness of The Bhagavan Nama, This is What is Celebrated By Kulasekhara In His Mukunda Maala .

Verse 1:





The Appeal Here is to Mukunda, Who Blesses One with The Boons of Enjoyment In This Earth and In Srivaikuntam. The Appeal is” Srivallabheti—-

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  1. carin says:

    Thank you for all the things I have learned from here and congratulations for the good work.

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