Why two ‘I’s in us

Analyze the two ‘I’s in us


We have two ‘I’s in us. One belongs to the body and the other is related to the soul. Both the ‘I’s have adequate proof of their existence. The spiritual ‘I’ claims that it is immortal and therefore enjoys a higher status.  There is no death for it whereas it said “the bodily ‘I’ is ephemeral in nature and would die. It taunted the bodily ‘I’ saying that moment the spiritual ‘I’ leaves the body, the bodily ‘I’ dies instantly and none would come near it.

The bodily ‘I’ undaunted replied that the other cannot exist without the bodily ‘I’ and that none can recognize it without the bodily ‘I’ . It added that the soul cannot act without the help of body and mind and that it cannot concentrate, meditate or go into state of pure bliss (Samadhi) on its own.

But it conceded its mortal nature and the power of the spiritual ‘I’ to elevate it.  It also accepted that spiritual ‘I’ can adopt other bodily ‘I’ while the latter cannot do so. It finally agreed that it is in its best interest to follow the instructions of the spiritual ‘I’ and act accordingly eventually forgetting its own separate identity as ‘I’

It must be borne in mind that spiritual ‘I’ belongs to God and in reality the only one ‘I’ that should remain. There are among us good and bad urges. There is a twin personality in us the base and the noble each of which is recognized by the urges it manifest. That ‘I’ which kindles greed, jealousy, lust, vengeance, anger and carnal instincts is bodily ‘I’ .  The spiritual I brings out the lofty qualities of inner spirit like love, kindness, compassion, contentment, peace, charity, sacrifice, forgiveness and other angelic qualities.

The characteristics of soul are natural and are there always. Violence is committed while non-violence is natural, deceit and fraud are committed while simplicity and innocence are natural, a lie is told and is spoken while truth prevails when you don’t speak.  The attributes of soul are natural characteristics but in actual practice we distance ourselves from these good qualities.

We are ultimately that by which and to the extent one of the ‘I’s dominates.  If the spiritual ‘I’ influences our actions and thinking, the superior qualities in us manifest themselves.  It is not a question of spiritual ‘I’ dominating but it is the bodily ‘I’  submitting itself to the dictates of spiritual ‘I’ and merging itself with it gradually.  It is only by determined effort and persuasion of the mind that the smaller

‘I’ can identify itself with spiritual ‘I’ .  Once this sublimation of the two ‘I’ s takes place, the spiritual soul  merges with Supreme Consciousness or God.


About Divine Light

A closer look at any activity will reveal the truth that one's own contribution to it is negligible compared to the things provided by nature and the role of the unseen hand in facilitating it.
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