Stillness by Eckart Tolle


By Eckart Tolle

“Stillness is the language God speaks & everything else is a bad translation.”

  1. Human is Form, GOD or Being is Formless.  Human & Being are not separate but interwoven.
  1. The formless incarnates into the manifested dimension, it becomes Form.  The consciousness loses itself in the form, becomes identified with the form – this could be described as the descent of Divine into matter.
  1. GOD is Power of Life.  He’s a Reality, by being aware of your self every moment. 
  1. LIFE:  Is theintelligence that was created which sustains the body, simultaneously coordinating hundred’s of different functions of such extraordinary complexity, that the human mind can only understand a tiny fraction of it.   It’s the elusive ‘Life’, that no scientist has ever found because the consciousness that is looking for it, is it.
  1. The human brain contains approx hundred billion nerve cells.  The brain does not create consciousness but consciousness created the brain, the most complex physical form on earth, for its expression.  When brain gets damaged, it does not mean you lose consciousness.  You cannot lose consciousness, because it is the essence of who you are.  You can only lose something that you have but cannot lose something that you are.
  1. Just as without silence there could be no sound, you would not exist without vital formless dimension (GOD).  That is the essence of who you are.
  1. Underneath surface appearance, everything is connected to that source of life – be it a flower or bird.  Its essence silently communicates itself to you & reflects your own essence back to you.
  1. Spiritual Realization is to see clearly that what I perceive, experience, think or feel is ultimately not who I am.  And that I cannot find myself in all those things that continuously pass away.
  1. Many people don’t realize until they are on their death bed & everything external falls away, that No Thing ever had anything to do with who they are.  The whole concept of ownership stands revealed as ultimately meaningless.  They realize what they were looking for, a more complete sense of self, their Being was already there but obscured by identification with things and ultimately identification with mind.
  1. Inner Space:  When consciousness is no longer totally absorbed by thinking, some of it remains in its formless unconditioned, original state.  This is inner space.
  1. Awareness implies you are not only conscious of objects or things but you are also conscious of being conscious.
  1. Before awareness, you were the thoughts, emotions & reactions.  Now you’re the awareness, the conscious presence that witnesses those states.
  1.  Stillness has no form, thought is form.  To be still, is to be conscious without thought.
  1. There is no such thing as “My Life” & I don’t have a life.  I AM LIFE.





About Divine Light

A closer look at any activity will reveal the truth that one's own contribution to it is negligible compared to the things provided by nature and the role of the unseen hand in facilitating it.
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