Sri Jayadeva

Sri Krishnadasa Jayadeva

Sri Jayadeva was born in Kenduli Sasan (formerly Kendubilva), in the Prachi valley, Khurda district in Orissa.   Kenduli Sasan is a village near the famous temple city of Puri.  His parents were  Bhojadeva and Ramadevi. Sri Jayadeva was the court poet of King Lakshmanasena who ruled in Bengal in the twelfth century. His mastery of the Sanskrit language was matched by his proficiency in both music and dancing. He was a  sincere devotee of Lord Sri Krishna, & his greatest work was GitaGovinda.

One day, Sri Jayadeva Goswami was composing a particular section of the  Gita-Govinda, describing Krishna’s relationship with the gopis headed by Kishoriji.  He meditated deeply on what he had written and became concerned that he had perhaps gone too far in describing that Bhagavan  aspires for the dust of Radha’s feet to purify Him(one who is Pavithranam Pavithram).  He who is the Lord of Lords, how could He be subordinate to the Gopis?

Jayadeva’s  hand shrank from the page.  At that time he decided to go bathe in the Ganges, in hopes that perhaps some inspiration would come to him. Jayadeva went off to take his afternoon bath, leaving his wife Padmavati behind to cook the offering for the Deities.

While he was away, Krishna arrived at his house in the dress of Jayadeva. Krishna went over to Jayadeva’s writing desk, and there found the sheaves of palm upon which the Gita-Govinda was written. Krishna picked up Jayadeva’s pen and wrote the verse with the line “dehi padapallava-mudaram,” in Darshana Astapadi .

With this Krishna, disguised as Jayadeva, sat down and took the food prepared by Padmavati.  After finishing his prasadam, Krishna stepped outside and vanished.

Just at that time, Jayadeva returned from bathing at the Ganges. When he asked about lunch, his wife was perplexed. When she told Jayadeva what had just happened, Jayadeva was astonished. He went over to his book and saw there in wet ink the verse he had thought of writing before he had gone to bathe in the Ganges.  Tears of ecstasy flowed in rivers from his eyes as he understood the mystery of what had just transpired.   He is overjoyed at the good fortune of Padmavati.

Later Jayadeva is also blessed with the Lord’s divine darshan… being pleased with Jayadeva’s Gita Govinda ganamrutham.

 “Gita Govinda ganena, prasano Bhagavan Hari:,

atma manam darshaya masa, kadhacit kirthananthare..

mayura bharha makutam, pitambhara dharam Harim,

prasanna charu vadhanam, chan chala makara kundalam,

kutilalaka samyuktham, kasturi tilakanchitam,

murali  vadha yanthan-chayi..Radha lingana tat param..

snigdha prahura GhanaShyam, vijayanthi kila sagaram,

vyasthastha charanam bhojam, jayadevo dadharshanam”

This is how Jayadeva could describe Bhagavan Sri Krishna in Gita Govinda as:

“Dina mani mandala mandana (tejas of 1000 suns rising at once)

Bhava khandana he..munijana manasa hamsa..jaya jaya deva hare”

 “Abhi nava jaladhara sundara, druta mandara he

Sri mukha chandra chakora, jaya jaya deva hare”


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