Aid to quiet the mind

Inspirational selections from

“My stroke of Insight”


Dr. Jill Taylor

“Peace is only a thought away & all we have to do to access it, after silencing the voice of our dominating left mind

Working of Left Brain:  “Home of theEgoCenter”


Workings of Right Brain:  “Home of deep inner peace & loving compassion”


Manifests the concept of time, where our moments are divided into past, present & future. Here no time exists other than the present moment. Right here and right now – Richness of present moment.
Judging and Analytical. Likes & dislikes along with labeling.  Makes decision based on the past Smiles a lot and is extremely friendly
Reasoning & details.  Pattern recognition – act or feel. Content, compassionate, nurturing & eternally optimistic.
Thrives on weaving facts & details into a story. Gratitude for life, everyone and everything
Colors & edges – your solid & separate from the universe.  Defines the dimensions of the body in space –boundaries of our body where we begin and end relative to space around you. Is one with the universe –  deep inner peace has unbridled enthusiasm
LanguageCenter– making up a sentence & meaning of words. It’s the place for body’s instinctive consciousness.
It’s the work mind, researcher mind, sensing mind, masculine mind. It’s the intuitive mind, diplomatic mind, perceiving mind, feminine mind.
Processes large volume of information. It interprets nonverbal communication, tone of voice, facial expression and body language.
Preoccupied with details and runs life on tight schedule. Orients our body in space and helps us place it where we want to go.
Small ego mind – mean, worrying incessantly or complaining, anger, verbal abuse, argument, etc… Flexible enough to welcome a change.
Defines boundaries and judges everything and everyone. Does  not perceive or give heed to territories or artificial boundaries like race or religion

Meditation:  “Tend the Garden of my Mind”

  • Is the decrease in left brain activity long centers, resulting in silencing the brain chatter.  Then there is a decrease in orientation association area, which identifies our personal physical boundaries.
  • Consciousness shifts from feeling like solid to a perception of myself as fluid – one with the universe.

“This body is a vehicle through which I’m alive”


About Divine Light

A closer look at any activity will reveal the truth that one's own contribution to it is negligible compared to the things provided by nature and the role of the unseen hand in facilitating it.
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